Victim Services

The Arizona Victims’ Bill of Rights passed by voters in 1990 made Arizona the first state to have a comprehensive constitutional bill of rights for victims.

Victims’ Bill of Rights
Arizona provides for rights for crime victims. The following is from Article 2, Section 2.1 of the Arizona State Constitution:

Victims’ Bill of Rights
Section 2.1. (A) To preserve and protect victims’ rights to justice and due process, a victim of crime has a right:

  • To be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity, and to be free from intimidation, harassment, or abuse, throughout the criminal justice process.
  • To be informed, upon request, when the accused or convicted person is released from custody or has escaped.
  • To be present at and, upon request, to be informed of all criminal proceedings where the defendant has the right to be present.
  • To be heard at any proceeding involving a post-arrest release decision, a negotiated plea, and sentencing.
  • To refuse an interview, deposition, or other discovery request by the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, or other person acting on behalf of the defendant.
  • To confer with the prosecution, after the crime against the victim has been charged, before trial or before any disposition of the case and to be informed of the disposition.
  • To read pre-sentence reports relating to the crime against the victim when they are available to the defendant.
  • To receive prompt restitution from the person or persons convicted of the criminal conduct that caused the victim’s loss or injury.
  • To be heard at any proceeding when any post-conviction release from confinement is being considered.
  • To a speedy trial or disposition and prompt and final conclusion of the case after the conviction and sentence.
  • To have all rules governing criminal procedure and the admissibility of evidence in all criminal proceedings protect victims’ rights and to have these rules be subject to amendment or repeal by the legislature to ensure the protection of these rights.
  • To be informed of victims’ constitutional rights.

(B) A victim’s exercise of any right granted by this section shall not be grounds for dismissing any criminal proceeding or setting aside any conviction or sentence.

(C) “Victim” means a person against whom the criminal offense has been committed or, if the person is killed or incapacitated, the person’s spouse, parent, child or other lawful representative, except if the person is in custody for an offense or is the accused.

(D) The legislature, or the people by initiative or referendum, have the authority to enact substantive and procedural laws to define, implement, preserve and protect the rights guaranteed to victims by this section, including the authority to extend any of these rights to juvenile proceedings.

(E) The enumeration in the constitution of certain rights for victims shall not be construed to deny or disparage others granted by the legislature or retained by victims.

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Important Victim Services Phone Numbers
If you or a loved one has been victimized by a crime, help is available through a variety of services in Apache County, and across the nation. These services assist victims with the emotional, physical and financial impact that crime often leaves behind.

Apache County Attorney’s Office Victim Services 1-928-337-7560

Family Advocacy Centers
(Family Advocacy Centers offer services to victims on a 24-hour basis, including Orders of Protection, medical examinations and documentation, child protective services, victim advocacy and crisis counseling.)
City of Phoenix Family Advocacy Center
2120 N. Central Ave., Suite 250, Phoenix (602) 534-2120
or 1-888-246-0303
Mesa Center Against Family Violence
130 N. Robson, Mesa (480) 644-4075
West Valley Advocacy Center
6829 N. 57th Ave., Glendale (623) 930-3720

Help Lines
Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ACADV) (602) 279-2900
or 1-800-786-7386
Community Information and Referral Services (602) 263-8856
or 1-800-352-3792
National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
Parents of Murdered Children (602) 254-8818
Suicide Prevention (480) 784-1500
Value Options Crisis Line (602) 222-9444

Legal Services
ACADV Legal Hotline (602) 279-2900
Community Legal Services – Central (602) 258-3434
Community Legal Services – East (480) 833-1442
Crime Victim Legal Assistance Project
Arizona Voice for Crime Victims (480) 965-5640 or (480) 600-2661
Family Lawyers Assistance Project (602) 506-7948
Information Line, Self Service Center (602) 506-7353
Sojourner Legal Advocacy Program (602) 258-0373

Services for Child Victims
Child Abuse Hotline/Child Protective Svcs. 1-888-767-2445
Child Help USA (602) 271-4500
Crisis Nursery of Phoenix (602) 273-7363
East Valley Crisis Nursery (480) 969-2308
Parents Anonymous Family Lifeline 1-800-352-0528

Services for Elder Victims
Adult Protective Services (602) 255-0996 or 1-888-767-2385
Area Agency on Aging/Senior Help Line (602) 264-4357
or 1-800-686-1431

Services for Sexual Assault Victims
Arizona Sexual Assault Network (602) 258-1195
Center Against Sexual Assault Hotline (602) 254-9000
Sexual Assault Recovery Institute (602) 235-9345

Click here to download a Victim Compensation Application.